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The World’s Ultimate Self-Charging,
100 Mile Range Electric Bike

Rocket eBike has smart regenerative braking, 100 mile range, full suspension, fat tires, and folding frame for portability so you can embark on any adventure with ease!


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Ultra High Performance

Smart Regenerative Braking

Rocket eBike features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System which recharges your battery on downhills and while you break, giving you industry leading range.

Other high performance features:

  • 5 Level Pedal Assist

  • 7 Gears

  • Smart Color LCD display

    • 7.08” (180mm) Tektro Hydraulic
    • Disc Brakes
    • Folding Frame
    • Aerospace Aluminium Frame
    • 750W Brushless Motor
    • 2.5h Charge Time

Smooth Comfortable Ride

Tailor Rocket eBike to your liking with an adjustable suspension system, handlebars and saddle, in addition to 4”x 20” fat tires for a smooth ride on any terrain.

  • Take It Anywhere

    Easily fold and store Rocket eBike in seconds. The folding pedals, frame, and handlebars drastically reduces the packing size for efficient storing.

  • Folded: 74 cm high, 99 cm long, 52 cm wide

  • Unfolded: 126 cm high, 178 cm long, 60 cm wide

No Hefty Price Tag

Enjoy the best biking experience without breaking the bank. Rocket eBike is fully spec’d, well designed, and affordable, so everyone can experience the joy of a high quality ride.

No Road? No Problem!

Not only is Rocket eBike perfect for city commuting but it can also be used to hit the trails, beach or mountains for some fresh air.


Join our community in the next hour to get a huge discount!